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Working Class Hustler Mixed Leads List

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Working Class Hustler Mixed Leads List

Horace L. Lyons III
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Would you like to get EVERYTHING you could possibly need as a newbie to get your Amazon business started on the right track?  With the Working Class Hustler Ungated Leads List:

LEADS - 5 to 10 leads 3 days a week specifically hand-picked by ME so that you are never frustrated because you always have profitable inventory to sell AND you know there's no virtual assistant doing the sourcing.

DAILY COACHING - With every leads list you get a personalized video explaining to you my entire evaluation process and why I choose the products that were added to the list so that you learn exactly how I source. Trust me, it is really nice to know what the person who provides your leads is thinking!

ACCESSABILITY - All members have direct access to my cell phone so you can text me or we can hop on quick calls to go over any of the little questions and concerns that are bound to come up here and there.  This way you are never alone.

My name is Horace, AKA La Machine and I have been selling on Amazon using the arbitrage business model as well as teaching hundreds of students since 2017. My YouTube channel What To Sell On Amazon gets thousands of views each month plus every week I teach live.

You can certainly do online arbitrage on your own but it will be work and it will demand time. You can plan on spending a minimum of 10 hour a week especially when you're new. The list will save you a ton of time AND money.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. In fact with your included daily coaching we expect you to eventually cancel because using our list will allow your business to grow and gain momentum while you get better at sourcing for yourself.

Overview: Package includes 7-10 leads 5 days per week not on any particular day but generally Monday thru Friday. Days of the week that the list comes out are flexible and will depend on availability of quality leads. In case a list does not come out it will carry over.

CRITERIA:  Leads will include items with a minimum of 10 sales per month, a profit of at least $4.00 and an ROI of at least 20% although these may vary slightly and most will have an ROI of 40% or better.

DELIVERY METHOD: Leads will be sent by email post in a spreadsheet that includes all pertinent information including relevant links.

RESPONSIBILITY: You understand that it is your responsibility to make purchases on the items suggested on the list as well as determining the quantities needed to reach your goals. This list is directed primarily towards new sellers.  In order to be successful, new sellers must focus on building inventory, getting customer feedback and creating momentum first and foremost.  This will take considerable time and persistance!

CONFIDENTIALITY/MAP PRICING: Your list will include specific products to purchase and list. You are encouraged to keep your pricing at a level within the range of the sell price given on the list so as not to hurt other sellers on the listing who also subscribe to this list. Your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared except in cases where an assistant may need access in order to serve you.

DISCLAIMER: This list is a guide but you are responsible for the decisions and actions that you take as well as your results. Results are not guaranteed. This is the UNGATED list, however, Amazon may change their policies at any time as far as the ability for you to list a specific product. As a result, there may be occasions where you are unable to sell some products contained in a particular list.

TERMINATION: You can unsubscribe to the list at anytime.for any reason. There are no refunds available. Once you have been charged you will be provided with leads for that paid period.

This product is not currently for sale.

Ungated Leads Lists Weekly, Coaching With Each List!!!

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